When your employees are on the job, you must meet workwear standards, including the proper safety footwear. RSEA Safety, the largest independent safety business in Australia, offers a great range of safety footwear, including steel caps, lace-ups and water-resistant work boots.

Choosing the appropriate footwear can help reduce the possibility of injury from contact with falling objects, penetration from the sole or upper shoe, contact with chemicals or heat, and slipping, tripping or falling.

To ensure you’re choosing the right pair for your employees, consider the following safety boots for mining and features that make them fit for purpose.

How to Choose a Safety Boot

Choosing the best safety boot for your employees requires considering several features and safety factors.

You should consider comfort, style and performance when choosing the right safety boot, as well as your work environment and job, to ensure they are fit for purpose. Options include high-cut lace-up boots, mid-cut safety boots, zip sided boots, steel cap or composite non-metallic shoes, work boots in smooth nubuck leather and elastic-sided rubber safety boots for working close to electrical hazards.

Above anything else, choosing the proper safety boots to protect your employees against hazards is the most important. Consider the material of the sole, insole, lining and outsole. Anti-static properties offer a level of protection against ignition hazards.

The best brands for mining safety boots

There are many well-known safety boot brands available in Australia, and the RSEA Safety work boot range is second to none. Australian mining workers who prioritise safety typically purchase safety boots from Steel Blue, Blundstone and Oliver.These brands deliver top-performing safety features such as:

  • Premium footbeds to reduce foot fatigue ensuring 100% all-day comfort
  • Supporting outer soles for all-terrain
  • Water-resistant outer soles to keep feet dry
  • TPU outsole to provide high heat resistance
  • Quality materials to protect against hazards
  • Steel cap toe protection to meet Australian Safety StandardsAS/NZS 2210.3

Here are the top sellers at RSEA Safety for mining customers:

  1. Steel Blue Argyle Lace Up Work Boot 312102
  2. Steel Blue Argyle Zip Sided Work Boot 312152
  3. Oliver AT55 Lace Up Work Boot 55-332
  4. Steel Blue Southern Cross Lace up Work Boot 312660
  5. Blundstone Zip Sided Work Book B992

Visit RSEA Safety for a complete range of the best safety work boots.