AS part of the international Hamon Group, Hamon Australia’s team of highly qualified employees has been designing, supplying and erecting cooling towers across Australia since 1981.
In addition to this, Hamon also undertakes maintenance and renovation of existing units across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.
The company has provided cooling towers to power plants, petrochemical companies, and steel, sugar and pulp mills.
Being part of the Hamon Group gives the company access to the group’s worldwide resources. This gives its customers the direct benefit of a large and comprehensive expertise base and access to the highest quality materials and services in project management, along with the benefits of the group’ continuous research and development of designs, products and software.
What sets Hamon apart from similar companies is its strong field capabilities. Hamon ensures that the performance of its erection team is in line with the company’s overall quality requirements.
Its employees have a wide range of experience with new-built cooling towers as well as in the refurbishment of mechanical and natural draft cooling towers (counter flow and cross-flow) and can cope with any situation.
In keeping with its quality aspirations, Hamon carefully selects its materials to guarantee a long operational life expectancy. It can design cooling towers to a customer’s preferred combination of efficiency, life expectancy, power saving
and adherence to local environment regulations.
Hamon also specialises in cooling tower repairs, refurbishments and upgrades.