A market-leading supplier of hazardous material management services, Hazmat Services provides clients with specialist advice and technically sound answers to ensure adherence to corporate, regulatory and social responsibilities.
In response to recent incidents involving hazardous materials and associated regulatory changes, Hazmat has launched a new range of products and services to assist organisations in meeting environmental and safety obligations for spill management, clean-up and containment.
Hazmat’s Spill Ready products offer a valuable clean-up solution that can protect an organisation, its staff and the environment from accidental spills and leaks. Hazmat has sourced the most effective spill management products from around the world, with many of its Spill Ready products made from natural or recycled materials to provide an eco-friendly solution to synthetic alternatives.
The extensive use of lubricating and hydraulic oils in the mining sector requires the implementation of specific spill management strategies to limit risk to workers’ health and the environment. In recent times, mining companies have adopted preventative maintenance strategies that involve the use of spill mitigation equipment such as portable bunds and absorbent matting to provide a protective barrier. For example, the servicing of heavy equipment can often result in spills of lubricating and hydraulic oils. By placing absorbent matting underneath work areas, all spills are collected and contained. This additionally reduces the risk to workers by making surfaces non-slip and also avoids staining.
Some of the company’s Spill Ready products were designed specifically to support Australia’s mining industry. Spill Ready’s high performance industrial absorbents and spill control products are designed to handle the most demanding challenges and environments, making them perfect for the mining sector.