AUSTRALIA’s two-speed economy has been well-documented, with the country’s mining industry continuing to outpace the rest of its industry in terms of economic growth. To keep the mining industry
moving, simple things like maintaining the quality of diesel fuels to run modern mining equipment fleets becomes even more important.
BP global mining deal and offer manager Andy Weller said the pace of change in diesel technology, including the use of more modern diesel engines, often made engines more susceptible to abrasive wear and tear caused by particulates present in some fuels.
“The older engines, ironically, did not have such a problem [and] using the cleanest fuel available is the best way to avoid this,” he said.
“BP Ultimate Diesel cleans fuel injectors and prevents deposits from forming in the engine.
“This helps maintain the fuel injectors in an ‘as-new’ condition for longer which also minimises breakdowns and maintenance requirements.”
To ensure downtime of equipment fleets is minimised, BP Australia introduced its Fuel Integrity Program.
Developed to offer technical expertise and advice to BP customers, the service helps mining sites to increase fleet efficiency and productivity through the use of cleaner fuels such as BP Ultimate Diesel.
As a part of the program BP provides extra services to its customers, regularly assessing bulk storage sites to identify practices that may affect fuel cleanliness or cause fuel contamination.
The company also collaborates closely with customers’ on-site employees by providing detailed reports and recommendations to sustain a clean fuel supply.
Customers interested in finding out more about BP’s Fuel Integrity Program can contact their local BP representative.