FOR more than 10 years, Video Conference Global Linx (VC Global Linx) has provided cutting-edge video conference technology to customers, negating the frustration of sourcing and booking reliable
videoconference venues in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
For customers using video or phone conferencing between far-flung locales such as Sydney and San Francisco or Melbourne and Manchester, VC Global Linx offers fast and affordable solutions.
The company’s expertise in formulating tailored solutions to meet individual or group requirements ensures each client’s satisfaction. VC Global Linx can bridge and link multiple sites, or organise
person-to-person calls.
VC Global Linx also provides its own video conferencing facilities in Darwin for hire, and has access to more than 7000 facilities across the globe, as well as rooms covering regional areas and all major and capital cities across Australia.
The company offers its clients the means to make use of powerful communication tools.
For clients conducting job interviews, sales presentations, board meetings or staff meetings – VC Global Linx can do it all. Prospective customers are invited to contact Judi Colbran for a quote or to obtain
further information on the company’s personalised communications solutions.