PROVIDING a solution for transferring high volumes of oil or fluids, STM’s new range of diaphragm pumps are made for the mining industry. The range of diaphragm pumps suits operating needs both in the field and in workshops, when transferring new or used oil from service trucks to heavy machinery or bulk storage tanks.
STM’s DITI 17151200 air-operated double diaphragm pump is durable and compact in design. It has a 1 inch inlet/outlet to transfer up to 90 litres per minute, with maximum air pressure of 115psi to allow the transfer of large amounts of oil across distances of up to 50m.
The diaphragm pump features an externally serviceable air distribution system and all-bolted construction, along with ground capability to eliminate static discharge. Not only is the pump suitable for new and used oil, but also diesel, water, coolant, automatic transmission fluids and some chemicals. For peace of mind, the pump is backed by a five year warranty.
STM’s range of diaphragm pumps is available in metal or plastic bodies in various sizes. A variety of elastomer options including Nitrile, Viton, EPDM and PTFE are available on request for the pump’s wetted parts, to meet abrasion, temperature and chemical capability concerns.
As with every machine that has moving parts, lubrication is required. To ensure the pump has a long operating life, STM recommends applying its DITI AC2000 air filter/lubricator to the pump to prevent grit and grime build up.
Further information about the STM range can be obtained by calling the company or visiting its website.