INHOSPITABLE locations connected by rough terrain are typical of the mining sector, placing a spotlight on driver safety.
Securatrak provides tailored turnkey GPStracking solutions for some of Australia’s largest mining companies, delivering occupational health and safety (OH&S) based systems to increase driver performance, safe driving practice and remote worker safety.
Securatrak’s driver safety module minimises the risks posed to lone workers, even in the most remote locations, ensuring they are visible via the latest in communications and GPS technologies.
The company also supplies additional safety features such as impact sensors, rollover detection, in-vehicle duress buttons and remote duress handsets for added peace of mind.
Journey management planning is an essential part of organisational OH&S for the mining sector. Securatrak’s journey management centre provides users with a professional partner to record journey management plans in real time, to specific requirements. If duress notifications and sensor warnings are activated or a non-arrival is logged, Securatrak’s team immediately raises the alarm and implements escalation procedures.
Additionally, vehicles are not always driven in an acceptable manner, presenting a risk to both the vehicle and its occupants; coupled with remote and hazardous terrain, the potential for vehicle abuse or incident is high.
Securatrak provides essential data on driving style indicators such as speed, aggressive braking, over-revving and idling. Activity is linked directly to a single vehicle and driver, creating traceability and accountability.
Individualised reports raise driver safety awareness in the field and support continuous improvements in driver performance, making dangerous driving a thing of the past. Securatrak enables businesses to be smart, effective and in control of their vehicle fleets.