10 Years at the Top

Leveltec Solids Level Tilt Switch
Leveltec tilt switch

Leveltec has been designing and manufacturing tilt switches in Australia since the 1980s but in 2013 the company expanded to become a trusted partner and service agent for a number of world class brands, offering customised solutions for bulk handling control across the mining, steel and Ports industries. They have grown from initially providing switches and hardware to building and implementing systems to monitor the flow of bulk solids, gather data through mainly wireless networks and provide failsafe shutdowns in emergency situations.

2024 marks the company’s 10th anniversary and they are set for exciting new levels of growth and product development in the near future.

Tilt switches are used in bulk materials transfer applications to trigger alarms arising from blocked chutes and conveyor failures at transfer points. Leveltec’s Australian made switches require no electronics to operate, Their contacts switch on extra low and low voltage, up to 250V AC. As a simple device with high IP ratings and encapsulation, This makes them suitable for use in potentially explosive or hazardous environments when they are used in an intrinsically safe circuit.

There are also internally dampened tilt switch options, designed to reduce the likelihood of false tripping in high vibration or high wind applications. Leveltec’s unique design incorporates a strong, smooth body to resist the buildup of materials and resist wear.

Leveltec Cable“What our device [Leveltec tilt switch] does is provide an economical, reliable, and robust way of monitoring the stockpile levels,” Leveltec managing director Ben Stokes said.

Mr Stokes added that Leveltec’s tilt switches are asked for by name by all multi-national mining companies right across Australia.

10 Years of Operation

Leveltec’s 10th anniversary celebrations also mark their 10th year as a total solutions provider, offering custom systems developed and installed to suit every client’s specific needs. They put boots on the ground and visit every site to establish the client’s exact requirements and to observe, first hand, any challenges that must be overcome. From there Leveltec are able to draw on their stable of world class products, their experience in the industry and their ability to create both wired and wireless solutions for onsite monitoring and data collection. True turnkey solutions backed up with onsite maintenance.

The Leveltec team are focused and determined, working within their purpose-built manufacturing facility to deliver high quality engineering solutions that exceed expectations every time.

“In 2013 it [Leveltec] split off from a group of companies and decided that it was going to start manufacturing its own items for the Australian local market but also with the dreams of becoming a big company and exporting products all over the world,” Mr Stokes said.

“We increase service by holding good stock and product and being versatile by being able to mix and match and change to meet market conditions quickly,” Mr Stokes added.

Currently based in Gloucester, in regional NSW, Leveltec’s next phase of growth will be to expand into WA in order have a local base to service its mining clients in the west.

After 10 years, Leveltec have integrated proven technology with well-constructed systems to deliver a new level of service and efficiency for their clients. The future looks bright.