LEADING building and civil infrastructure company Decmil Australia takes a multitude of conditions into consideration when deciding how best to place its quality accommodation solutions.
These conditions include: the cost and duration of a project; the functionality required from each project; the geological and social impacts of the project area; and, importantly, the level of comfort the
accommodation solution will provide. During its time in operation, Decmil has experienced the geographical constraints that often play a determining factor in selecting the right style of accommodation for
a project – the company understands that rocky terrain, sloping hills or environmental regulations can constrain a camp’s physical footprint and influence a client’s selection of one or two-storey accommodation
Where dongas would once have been the norm, Decmil can now install two-storey, resort-style rooms that offer the added advantages of a smaller environmental footprint, fewer earthworks and reduced service
In addition to its industry-leading accommodation designs, Decmil offers a range of top-quality camp facilities including squash courts, cinemas, golf driving ranges and resort-style pools and tennis courts.
These offerings, along with Decmil’s ‘whole-of-project’ approach, set it apart from its competitors. “Our reputation is built on forming reliable relationships with our clients and working with them to achieve exceptional, cost-effective results while always keeping a focus on quality and safety,” Decmil managing director Ray Sputore said. “We have developed a unique business advantage by providing clients with a selection of innovative solutions.”
Decmil’s project approach ensures consistency, quality and project stewardship, to give its clients the ultimate peace of mind. A seamless transition of services in the areas of scoping, project design and costing ensure that clients are comfortable throughout every stage of their project’s initial development, and Decmil’s services continue through the construction and commissioning phases, to maintenance, refurbishment and expansion.
Decmil has firmly established supply relationships with modular building manufacturers in China, Thailand and Korea. In the past five years the company has successfully delivered more than 14,000 accommodation rooms, of which more than 11,500 were overseas-manufactured modular accommodation units.
Decmil’s compliance with all codes and regulations under the Building Code of Australia provides a sound basis for quality control, embedded within its manufacturing processes and the construction of prototypes.
Decmil can also manage approvals for its clients, including planning and building licenses.