From creative solutions to project management, ipso-facto Productions provides a complete in-house solution for its clients to present their business, message or services, producing award-winning creative business communication tools for major clients throughout the Australian resources sector. The results are cost effective solutions to meet the clients’ budgets and their audiences’ needs. “We create and support marketing, product support, public relations, investor and promotional materials for minor and major projects,” a company spokesperson said.
Regardless of the location or size of a project, ipso-facto Productions ensuresthat every requirement is met and delivered cost effectively, whether for a product or project launch, a training DVD, or material for online viewing.
The company’s broadcast professionals deliver effective communications solutions across a spectrum of mediums and platforms, tailored to the budget and requirements of each project and the client’s individual needs.
When working on site, the company’s resource sector experience and skill is proven to produce high quality results with little or no disruption to on-site activities. All post-production work is carried out digitally in-house, ensuring confidentiality and optimum quality from the time of production to when it reaches the client’s target audience. Ipso-facto Production’s digital production capabilities, in conjunction
with the company’s marketing knowledge and expertise, can be utilised for a range of applications including: audio-visual communication with staff; perception management; investment promotions; brand awareness, reputation development; and change management.
As an award winning digital production company, ipso-facto Productions also offers its clients proven expertise in a range of new media including: website development; cyber marketing; creative consultation and copy development; and the production of video content for web – mobile viewing and new media based uses. Ipso-facto Production’s broadcast and award winning quality, coupled with its resources sector experience, gives every client an engaging and productive program with a real competitive edge.