AUSTRALIA’s mining boom has sold reams of newsprint and remains a constant topic of conversation, but many big questions, such as what the mining sector means for the economy, what drives its growth, and its potential benefits, can be hard to answer.
The mining industry has some unique communications challenges which call for result oriented,measureable, and out-of-the-box strategies to create high impact. It requires specialist communication
experts with in-depth industry knowledge, who see the potential in media and community engagement. McClusky & Co is a full service communications consultancy offering a broad range of services, including
video production.
The company provides creative solutions to cover company profiles, corporate events and training needs. Its video production team has significant commercial broadcasting experience, bringing together the expertise of some of Australia’s best presenters, directors, producers and crew.
McClusky believes that corporate videos are one of the most powerful communication tools to give timbre to a company’s voice.
McClusky recognises that its challenge is to create the most dynamic, targeted and effective communication tools – across the entire spectrum – for each of its clients, to allow their message to be heard in an increasingly competitive market. Its focus on results, fresh perspective, intolerance for mediocrity, irreverence for norms and agility ensures that McClusky’s product offerings are always a cut above the traditional.
McClusky has the vision, strategy, insight, networks and expertise to deliver outstanding results with tangible business impact. Since
inception, McClusky has been the communication partner of choice for a number of leading South Australian and national brands.