CELEBRATING 20 years of operation this year, Adagold Aviation has grown from a small Queensland-based company to a global aviation specialist. Adagold now employs more than 50
staff across three continents with offices in Australia, Denmark and the US. The company also runs operations in and out of South East Asia, Papua New Guinea and other geographical areas
and has worked with a broad range of clients spanning small, medium and large corporations and organisations, Australian and foreign governments, the United Nations and highly affluent
Specialising in servicing the mining, resources and defence sectors, Adagold provides bespoke solutions that are flexible and cost-effective for complex or long term projects utilising multiple
aircraft and operators or just for a single ad-hoc flight operation. Adagold is highly experienced in managing a range of aircraft charter solutions for the resources sector, currently providing services for projects in the Surat, Bowen and Galilee Basins.
These services include fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) solutions, as well as corporate jet, cargo and helicopter charter. Recently, Adagold has worked closely with several Queensland mining
companies to develop flexible and cost effective FIFO solutions for a mine’s entire life cycle.
The simplistic model of a single aircraft or operator being able to service a mine for a long period of time has been altered to provide multiple aircrafts and operators and to offer more flexibility and manage labour force fluctuations while ensuring aircraft capacities are utilised for every flight. The company also has 20 years’ experience tailoring cargo aircraft charter operations nationally and internationally to countries and regions such as Papua New Guinea, Oceania, the South Pacific, Mongolia, Indonesia, the Middle East and other locations.