BRISBANE-based PR Polymers has manufactured and supplied a range of drilling and blasting products to open-cut coal and hard rock mines worldwide since 1992.
The company’s KoolKap gas bags are self-inflating bags that, when activated, will seal off a hole and provide an effective deck for loading explosives and/or stemming. The bags save time and money. When using air decking for pre-splits, operators are able to reduce their use of explosives significantly and provide a safer, more stable highwall. The gas bags can be used to block off wet
and dewatered holes, eliminating the need for expensive and less effective emulsions. They are also effective for standing off coal beds to stop coal shock, and for decking holes that
have varying layers of rock hardness. KoolKap bags have a very low failure rate compared with other gas bags on the market, with tested heat stability over 65oCelcius. The patented activator cap cools during operation, reducing misfire and making them ideal for both hot and cool conditions. PR’s in-house manufacturing allows the company to customise bags in a range of sizes and styles. The tough and dependable standard gas bag is the template on which all KoolKap products are based. The DUO bag can be activated in upright or upside down positions to give operator two distinctly different inflation times. The QUATRO bag has a unique double ended aerosol can that incorporates a specially formulated mixture and provides four different timing configurations. PR also has two high temperature bags for distinct Hot Hole use. Combined with a unique patented actuator cap, the result is a gas bag with unparalleled performance with environmental and safety advantages over alternative technologies, which use synthetic greenhouse propellants with much higher Global Warming Potential.