FOR more than 10 years Australian manufacturing company Ute Safe has been perfecting the manufacture and supply of aluminium boxes for mining applications.
Found at a number of mines sites in Australia and overseas, Ute Safe boxes are made from non-sparking aluminium to keep dangerous goods safe and dry. The boxes also have solid housings to take care
of sensitive measurement equipment and robust compartments to allow safe storage of electrical plumbing and mechanical tools on service vehicles.
Ute Safe now offers a new standalone sliding door product, which can be made in a range of dimensions, from 450mm to 1500mm slide extension. Designed to be water resistant with a triple-sealed opening and fully-welded case design, these sliding door boxes also utilise sliding bearings that support a 200kg capacity to ensure smooth operation with a full load. Ute Safe boxes have been constructed to prevent water leaking in from overhead drips and leaks.
However, condensation is often a bigger source of water damage for delicate tools and ventilation is the key to preventing this; the Ute Safe design ensures water does not leak in, but can vent out. The company’s tough marine-grade alloy and multi brace support system in the top of the case prevent it from collapsing and subsequent drawer jamming – a problem common with other sliding drawer designs. Whether customers are mining underground or above, Ute Safe can supply a customised solution for any storage problem.