LEVERAGING more than 150 years of engineering drive solutions for the harshest environments, David Brown Gear Industries is able to help mining customers overcome gearing problems.
Whether a client is experiencing re-occurring problems with competitor gearboxes or noise and size restrictions, David Brown can help.
One example is the Stealth Drive, an innovative solution to the stringent noise and environmental limitations placed on Port Waratah coal terminals. The Stealth Drive is a 800 kilowatt titan delivering optimum power at 988 revs per minute and, at only 83 decibels (sound pressure), it’s very quiet.
Originally designed as a one-off, 10 years on there are more than 40 gearboxes running trouble-free at the Port Waratah and Gladstone coal terminals, and the Stealth Drive is now available to customers worldwide.
David Brown manufactures and engineers its Stealth Drive gearboxes in its state-of-the-art facility at Bulli on the east coast of Australia. Customer demand for 24-hour local support and a rise in the re-occurring
problems experienced by many customers with competitor gearboxes led to the opening of four Australian service centres (Perth, Bulli, Newcastle and Mackay) to service and repair any make of gearbox, including
Flender, Hansen, Sumitomo, SEW, Bonfi glioli, Brevini, Falk, and Renold.