ESTABLISHED more than 40 years ago, Boom Sherrin has been providing tailored elevated work platform (EWP) solutions to Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) since 2007.
Boom Sherrin knows that operating the world’s largest and most efficient coal handling terminal requires regular maintenance and servicing, and that the accessible supply of EWPs to work on PWCS’s port infrastructure – including conveyors, reclaimers, stackers and ship loaders – is integral to the smooth running of maintenance schedules at the port.
As PWCS’s first-choice EWP supplier, Boom Sherrin has provided a range of equipment including knuckle booms, boom lifts and travel towers in order to deliver safe access to PWCS’s plant and infrastructure.
Boom Sherrin’s EWP solutions have overcome some of the long reach requirements of the facility during maintenance and servicing periods. Supported by its Newcastle branch, the company has provided equipment that meets the high safety and quality standards set by PWCS, and also ensures that maintenance work is completed in a safe and efficient manner.
PWCS’s expectations on supply, quality and safety protocols are of the highest standard, and, through its ongoing partnership with PWCS, Boom Sherrin has continually improved company procedures and processes to meet and exceed industry leading practice.