AS one of the largest companies in the industry, Altanks’ superior design selection caters for a range of applications, including mine sites and water treatment plants, with its range of industrial, commercial and domestic water storage tanks.
The company has positioned itself as the recognised quality standard in the water tank industry, and has installed and serviced tanks in many parts of Asia, every state in Australia, and in virtually every climatic condition.
Altanks designs, manufactures and installs a comprehensive range of cylindrical and rectangular water tanks, from 100,000l to 5 million litre capacity.
The Altanks water tank range has been designed by certified engineers for durability in some of the most severe climatic conditions worldwide. Some of the company’s latest projects have included the construction of four 125,000l dust suppression tanks for the Sino Iron project near Karratha, WA, and a 360,000l water storage tank at the South Water Creek mine in Mooranbah, NSW.