For more than 20 years APT has been designing and manufacturing engineered modular tanks for the Australian and international water markets. Now manufactured by Tyco Engineered Tanks, a division of Tyco Pumping Systems, the APT range offers reliable turnkey water storage solutions to clients across the mining and oil and gas industries.
The APT range of premium quality tanks are designed and built in Australia using the highest quality materials and have been installed in a diverse range of applications, for uses including fire protection, potable and raw water storage and processing, waste water and effluent management and sea water handling.
APT tanks are individually designed by an experienced team of engineers to suit specific applications, environmental conditions and installation locations, and built to comply with all relevant Australian Standards, including seismic and wind load regions. Tyco Engineered Tanks offers total water storage solutions with APT tanks, including specification, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance. The company’s dedicated tank maintenance division has extensive experience providing tank installation, inspection and maintenance services in a wide variety of conditions, including remote sites and sites with limited access.
Maintenance contracts are available to ensure the safety and reliability of all APT tanks through scheduled inspection and maintenance programs, which also ensure compliance with fire protection requirements.