WA company Roadwest Transport & Equipment Sales has once again shown its innovative side by incorporating many design features from its well respected Hardlite side tippers into its latest range of heavy
duty (HD) side tippers, made for extreme applications.
The HD Hardlite 150t B-double and 100t single trailer series are made for the harsh environments of mining industry. The vehicles incorporate many of the key performance and reliability features that have made the Hardlite models among the most sought after in the industry. Some of these key features include: floating body design; complete body construction using Swedish Steel Hardox H450 material; and full
welding throughout for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Hardlite side tippers are used extensively throughout WA, North Queensland and recently in South Australia, in all facets of the mining,
road building, quarrying and heavy construction industries. Roadwest also manufactures Steelite end tippers, which the company stated have “pushed the design envelope” through the use of a floating body design. The tippers’ innovative design not only greatly reduces damage from load impact, but also assists with load removal. Roadwest has always pushed the limits of product design, not for the sake of being different but for the purpose of ensuring that customers get the best equipment for their application, providing maximum returns for minimum outlay in the long term.