WHEN an enterprise calls for professional, safe and efficient work practises, CSM Transport Equipment has the perfect solution. CSM has been building robust and reliable aluminium canopy bodies for light commercial vehicles since 2006. The company employs about 40 people in the design, manufacture and finishing of Procan aluminium canopy bodies,which suit a large range of vehicles and applications.
With each model being completely designed and produced in-house, CSM is able to maintain strict quality control. With the utilisation of 3D computer-aided design, computer numerical control machinery,
state-of-the-art welding procedures and competent staff, repeatability and quality are guaranteed.
CSM can provide a comprehensive range of options and the open design of the Procan canopy enables it to be optimised to meet a client’s needs.
The Procan canopy’s standard features include: superior sealing against dust and water; welded construction in conjunction with structural grade fasteners; all components manufactured to exacting tolerances ensuring replacement parts are 100 per cent compatible; quality hardware; and a superior two pack polyurethane painted finish to vehicle specifications.