EVERY now and then, a product will emerge on the market yielding a far better result than any other available substitute. The Xcentric Ripper, a machine attachment which uses a different approach to breaking rock, shale, asphalt and concrete, is one such product.
Its success lies in the way the tooth innovatively attacks the rock in a vibrating circular motion as opposed to traditional hydraulic hammers that just repeatedly belt into the rock. The Xcentric Ripper is driven by a high-speed hydraulic mechanism that transfers force to the tine via sturdy mechanical arms. It is a machine of elegant simplicity and high effi ciency; allowing much higher productivity, minimum downtime and maintenance, and reduced noise levels.
The Xcentric Ripper won the Best New Product award at the 2011 CIVENEX show, attracting huge interest from customers because of its vastly superior production rates in comparison to traditional hydraulic hammers.
The machine attachments come in a range of sizes suitable for excavators with 7t to 120t capabilities and can wor in all conditions, even fully submerged under water.
This machine is set to revolutionise the way rock removal and detailed rock excavation is undertaken, and Australia is one of the fi rst countries in the world to obtain these machines outside of Europe.
The full range of Xcentric Rippers has been imported by Sydney company Matthews Equipment, which has more than 20 years of experience in the earthmoving industry. Matthews director Steve Matthews was so impressed with the machines that he took the opportunity to become the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the highly-regarded European brand.