BUILT for durability and performance, Acromet’s dry material handling equipment, such as bulk bag unloaders and screw feeders, is renowned for its versatility.
The bulk bag unloaders are an alternative to large storage silos, which can be excessive, and small bags, which are becoming increasingly hard to handle.
These units typically place a 1t to 2t bulk bag onto a support dish with an opening to pull the bottom discharge spout through.
The product then drops into a chamber/hopper where it can be conveyed either pneumatically or mechanically.
Key features of the units include an optional massaging system for the products; suitability for either a bottom-spout or no-spout discharge; adaptability to a dust extraction system; the ability to be placed by either a forklift or electric hoist and monorail; and mild steel or stainless steel construction.
The bulk bag unloaders have been used for a variety of applications, including handling limestone, lime and soda ash for water and wastewater treatment plants.
Unlike major infrastructure, these units can be readily transported to other locations.
The Acromet screw feeders are one of the most reliable and accurate feeding systems in the industry. The drive can be provided to suit up to an IP65 rating, is renowned for its durability and performance, and is used in numerous locations throughout Australia and overseas. The feed output ranges from 2l per hour to 200l/hour, depending on the product used.
The unique Acromet concentric conditioning mechanism, COAXOR drive and feed auger provide a superior and dependable material conditioning/feeding combination not available with other designs. This allows a uniform flow from the auger; delivering a consistent volumetric output that is invaluable with any process.
The conditioning mechanism and rotation speed are selected to suit the application and material, providing an optimum state of fluidisation and minimising particle degradation. As with Acromet’s range of feeders, a variety of options are also available; tailored to each customer’s requirements. These include tube length, hopper size and configuration, a bottom drop door chamber and self-emptying chamber designs. All of Acromet’s equipment is designed, manufactured and tested in its Clayton factory.
Further information is available on
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