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PTHA Range - PT Hydraulics

PT Hydraulics has provided high-quality products and services to the mining sector for over four decades.  Celebrating 20 years in 2023, since the company known today as PT Hydraulics was formed, the business has been servicing the mining industry for over 40 years in various iterations and continues to prove to be an important supplier to mining customers.   With headquarters in Mt Waverley Victoria, and regional branch offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, the company’s Industrial, Rescue and Rail divisions service prestigious clientele across the resources, civil, government and defence sectors.

Internationally recognised brand portfolio

A recent discussion with the company’s Marketing Manager, Melinda Norman, highlighted some of the products that are supplied to mining customers. “Our two biggest divisions are our PT Industrial Division and our PT Rescue Division,” Ms Norman said. The Industrial Division supplies a wide range of quality solutions for mining clients such as hydraulic pumps, cylinders, power packs, torque wrenches, pullers and an extensive variety of hydraulic tools and equipment.  Amongst the internationally renowned brands in the PT Industrial portfolio that are supplied to the mining sector is Globe Air Motors.

Since 1986, Globe has been renowned as an international specialist in pneumatic motors and PT Hydraulics is the exclusive distributor in the Asia Pacific Region, offering the entire range of Globe Air Motors and components. “Globe vane air motors are preferred in the mining sector in particular because they are intrinsically safe and meet quality standards for underground and dangerous applications”.

The PT Hydraulics flagship house brand BOSS Hydraulics supplies high force hydraulic tools and equipment including cylinders and pumps under the BOSS Blue range and low pressure fluid power products including AG Cylinders and hydraulic power units under the BOSS Black range.   Other blue chip brands within the industrial portfolio include Dynex pumps, Hywema lifting and rotating equipment, and the ProTorc range of torque and bolting tools.

Custom solutions

One particular area that has made PT Hydraulics successful in the mining industry is the company’s flexibility and capacity to find solutions that match a client’s specific requirements. “ Many mining organisations utilise our expertise and capability to build custom hydraulic solutions.  “We can build hydraulic power units that are perfectly customised to the needs of the application. We have the in-house technical knowledge, design and construction capability plus all of the components,  from the power source to the actuators, motors, valves,  drives and hoses;  whatever is needed to put together a complete hydraulic power unit for bespoke applications.  “A lot of customers do not want something straight out of a box and off the shelf and we will build power packs to meet their needs.”  “We are very proud of our experience and our long history of supplying all kinds of industries, including transport, marine, defence, emergency services, rail, and Mining. Mining is an important segment of the PT Hydraulics business, supplying mines all over Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region through ongoing work with prominent mining organisations. “We pride ourselves and have built the longevity of the business on our core value of exceeding customer expectations in all aspects of our product and service delivery”.


PT Rescue – providing quality rescue and safety solutions

The largest division within the PT Hydraulics business is the Rescue division.

PT Rescue is the Australian agent for LUKAS; the biggest global band in hydraulic rescue equipment, known worldwide for essential rescue tools including cutters, spreaders and rams and most famously as the manufacturer of the “jaws of life”.

PT Rescue supplies Fire and Emergency Services, State Emergency Services, defence and police forces throughout the Asia Pacific region.   “PT Rescue has a long history of supplying to the mining industry as all mine sites have their own emergency services and rescue teams and we take pride in being able to support them,” Ms Norman said.  “We not only supply their essential safety and emergency rescue equipment, but our PT Service Team also travel to site and service all equipment regularly as it is imperative to be in top working order if required.

Another global brand that is preferred by mining customers is the VETTER range of lifting bags, pneumatic tents and HAZMAT solutions, for which PT Rescue is the exclusive supplier.

VETTER lifting equipment is considered indispensable for rescuers worldwide, with the high-pressure bags able to handle high-pressure situations. Developed with next-generation technology, featuring reflective markings, intelligent surface profiles, unbelievably small insertion heights and up to 112 tons of lifting power.  Other key brands in the Rescue portfolio include PARATECH shoring solutions, AKRON and AWG fire fighting equipment, BRIDGEHILL fire blankets, the EMERGENCY PLUG immobilisation system for electric vehicles, PACKEXE glass management, and more.

Cribbing solutions

To support all hydraulic lifting solutions for both Rescue and Industrial applications, PT Hydraulics is also the exclusive distributor for the USA manufactured TURTLE Cribbing range.

Cribbing plays an essential role in mechanically supporting an object that has been lifted with hydraulic or pneumatic force.  Historically, wooden blocks have been used as a cribbing solution, however, there are a number of inherent safety issues with the use of wooden cribbing and in recent years, legislative changes have mandated the use of alternative cribbing materials in many jurisdictions.  TURTLE Cribbing is made from high-density polyurethane (HDPE), which offers a number of tangible benefits including load rating,  impermeability to water and chemicals, structural integrity, stability, and interlocking mechanisms, which offer a safer alternative to traditional materials used to support heavy loads.

PT Hydraulics is committed to supporting the mining industry with the best quality products from leading international brands, backed by the experience, flexibility and the highest levels of service that it is known and regarded for.

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