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 18 Sep 2013   Posted by admin

SPECIALISING in the rewind of electric motors and generators since 1964, A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales is an award-winning, family-owned WA company.

With more than 120 years of combined experience, the company’s tradespeople are experts in the field of electric motor and pump repairs and mining motor modifications to suit mine site specifications.

Extensive records are kept in order to satisfy the requirements of the most fastidious worksites.

A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales is also a Davey Water Products Master Dealer and a certified Onga Pump Shop.

With an online shop as well as a ‘bricks and mortar’ showroom, there are qualified staff to assist with enquiries regarding the full range of new pumps and filters, U.V. and reverse osmosis water filtration, and electric motors from 355kW down to the humble spit motor.

A range of spare parts is available and insurance and warranty work is welcomed.

A.P.S. also custom builds wool-insulated pressure accumulators, especially suited to the harsh, high temperatures of the Pilbara and Kimberley regions.

These insulated tanks keep the water temperature down on water pressure systems and are particularly useful for safety showers on mine sites.

As experts in water, Davey has released a new commercial range of pumps covering heads to 58m and flow rates up to 1300 litres per minute.

The new CS series pumps are 304-grade stainless steel pressed metal pump and base, close-coupled to a non-overloading, MEPS complying B3 and B5 electric motors.

These units have a back pull-out design which allows the rotating element of the pump to be removed for servicing without the need to disconnect the pipework.

The motor features a replaceable stub shaft for easy repair of both the wet end components and the electric motor.

Davey CS pumps are ideal for clean water – whether chilled or heated – and are useful for industrial applications as well as vineyards, dairy wash-down or treated water transfer.

The performance is superior and efficient, using Davey’s patented floating neck ring, a 360-degree flaring of the volute and excellent impeller design.

The pumps come with DIN companion flanges and high temperature mechanical seals, handling liquid temperatures from minus 15 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees Celsius; with a maximum operating pressure of 1000 kPa or 10 bar.

Ranging from 1.5kW to 11kW with full load currents of 3.18 amps to 19.3 amps, the motors are standard IP55 2-Pole.

The IP rating can be raised in-house at the A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales workshop in Belmont, WA.

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