Silicone Tube – A Great Alternative To Silicone Sponge Sealing

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 28 Feb 2013   Posted by admin

Traditionally, silicone sponge has been used as a seal for castings and fittings that are not uniform in size, sometimes up to a few millimetres in variance.  The advantage is the sponge is soft and will fill up those voids that a more solid material would struggle to achieve.  Too little compression would mean the lid or enclosure would be difficult or impossible to close.

Jehbco has 40 years experience in silicone sealing.  We have discovered over time thru countless applications, that in fact, sponge is not always the best alternative.  It has ineffective compression set meaning when squashed down, over time it does not bounce back very well.  It also is open cell and it is not totally waterproof.

We have found the best alternative is to use a solid tubular cross section or a profile that has a hollow area to allow for compression.  Our trials have shown that it will bounce back more consistently and form a water tight seal for an extended period of time, far superior than its sponge counterpart.  It also has greater tensile and tear strength and can be made in a multitude of colours.

So when contemplating your next silicone seal type please consider silicone tube to silicone sponge for your sealing solution.  For more information or for us to assist in your gasket design, please contact us @

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