Specialty supplier providing a wide range of tooling solutions when quality counts

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 06 Jan 2014   Posted by admin

WHOLESALERS of engineering and associated tools throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South East Pacific region, Precision Specialty Tooling sources the highest quality and most innovative industrial, engineering and automotive tooling accessories from around the globe.

Servicing the region’s mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors, Precision Specialty Tooling offers a wide range of products to meet the most demanding of requirements including drill/lathe chucks and accessories; ratcheting combination wrenches and line wrenches; welder’s clamps, pliers and portable welding tables; air movers; magnets and magnetic tools; engineering equipment; and micrometers, straight edges, precision levels, and many others.

Precision distributes Texas Pneumatic’s range of air movers (or air horns). These versatile tools can be used to supply constant stream of directed air wherever there is a need, including in the dispersion of fumes; to move air within a confined space; or to cool work environments of elevated temperature. The company’s supplies of air movers are manufactured in the US, and available in a variety of sizes, with minimal maintenance required.

Precision Specialty Tooling also supplies a wide variety of magnet tools, including a range of trademark Stronghand Magnet Adjust-O Angle tools; Magnet Squares in mini or standard sizes; Magtab magnets; Ullman inspection mirrors and magnetic pickup tools; and Amrad pot magnets.

Ullman’s PowerCap high-tech magnet pickup tools are widely regarded as a market leader in magnetic pickup tools. PowerCap maintains a lifting capacity 45 per cent stronger than its competition (by size), and have structural shields to protect the sides of the magnet from unwanted attachment to surfaces. With an extra long, lightweight stainless steel shaft and in-built cushion grip, PowerCap high-tech magnet pickup tools are stable and secure even in wet or oily hands.

The company also offers a complete range of Stronghand welder’s clamps, including a unique range of four-in-one utility clamps, corner pliers-angle clamping tools, Locking-C clamps, MagSpring clamps, pipe clamping pliers, and shark clamps. Precision’s range of Locking-C clamps was constructed from heat-treated steel and nickel, and chrome-plated for strength and durability. Featuring a swivel or round-tipped configuration, the superior manufacturing and updated features of Locking-C clamps enable users to work quickly, safely and efficiently.

Precision Specialty Tooling is the professional tooling supply company, where quality counts. For more information call (03) 9464 0912, email info@pretooling.com.au or visit www.pretooling.com.au.