Transforming the power industry

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 09 Apr 2015   Posted by admin

DESIGNING and manufacturing custom made transformers, power supplies and wound components are what Victorian-based business Dyne Industries does best.

Dyne works in-house with the best materials and expert knowledge to custom manufacture a full range of ac-dc transformers and toroids from 0.5 kilo-volt-ampere (kVA) to 10kVA, to the client’s specification and for almost any application.

Dyne’s products can be found in a wide range of commercial and industrial electronic equipment, both in Australia and overseas. All transformers are built to Australian and international codes.

The expert team at Dyne can cater to a range of needs including power conversion and distribution; safety and security systems, public address and entertainment systems, business and automation systems, low voltage current transformers, electrical control gear, computer disc drives, ferrite cored transformers and chokes, power line filters, plug pack and in-line power supplies and switch mode transformers.

Dyne has extensive experience in the industry and can develop and distribute orders to specifications and on time – which is important for those clients completing tenders.

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